In the waters of Baptism your loved one died with Christ and rose with him to new life. May they now share with him eternal glory.

We Christians find bright rays of hope even in the midst of our darkest times. We believe that death is not only an end, but also a beginning. Our loved one has passed from this present, temporary life to a perfect, permanent one. He or she who knew God in faith on earth now sees the Lord face-to-face in heaven. While death separates us, we will one day be reunited with all those we love in a "dwelling provided for us by God, a dwelling in the heavens, not made by hands but to last forever" (2Corinthians 5:1).

In case of the death of a loved one please contact Our Lady of the Black Hills at 605-787-5168 or your funeral home, please advise the funeral home to contact us prior to setting the date.

Funeral arrangements will be coordinated with the family, the funeral home, and Our Lady of the Black Hills.

You may pre-plan your funeral through Our Lady of the Black Hills or the funeral home at any time.

Question and Answers:

Who may have a Christian Burial?

In addition to baptized Catholics, the following may also be buried in the Church: catechumens, children who are not baptized but their parents intended to have the baptized, a baptized non-Catholic in special circumstances.

Is cremation allowed?

The Church strongly recommends the custom of full body burial to be retained. Cremation is allowed in the following circumstances: the family or party responsible for the disposition of ashes agrees not to divide or scatter the ashes nor to create momentos, pieces of jewelry, or other objects and to place the ashes in a cemetery either in the ground or a suitable repository as soon as possible following the funeral and it is clear that no disrespect for the body or denial of resurrection is intended. The family is encouraged to celebrate the funeral with the body present and cremate afterward.