Parents Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank You for giving me the gift of children.

Remind me of the awesome privilege and responsibility that it is to be someone’s mom/dad.

Give me the grace necessary to help my children accomplish what it is that You have intended.

Grant me eternal vision so that I may know that they have been entrusted to me for a limited time, and that I must do all that I can to see that they return to You.

Give me insight that I may know that the prayers, love, knowledge, values and training that I give will be the foundation from which my children will live the rest of their lives.

Remind me that what really matters is not how clean their rooms are, nor how popular, attractive, wealthy, athletic or brilliant they are, but rather how holy.

Heavenly Father, please make up for my weaknesses, and help my children imitate your Son, Jesus, all the days of their lives, so that they will be truly happy in this life and in the next.